Dan Hunt is the product of Boston Public Schools and a graduate of Boston Latin Academy.  But he knows that not all children will go to an exam school or have the same options Dan did growing up.  It’s why he’ll work to ensure that every child in the district and across the Commonwealth has access to a quality education that provides them with the building blocks to succeed later in life.  Dan will bring these opportunities to all our resident by:


o   Making sure that every community has a good school - an essential anchor to a strong and successful community -  so parents have close to home options for their children.  Expanding access to quality neighborhood schools, will help our children thrive and build stronger communities. 

o   Expanding funding for Pre-K and early education so our children are prepared for their first day of kindergarten.

o   Working to expand options both in school and through afterschool programs in order to fill that day with art, music and extra curricular opportunities that help keep our children excited about school and attentive throughout the day.

o   Giving teachers the fundamental resources they need - from fair pay, to ample lesson planning time, to the basic classroom resources (books, supplies, computers and other technology).

o   Making sure that special education students have the tools they need to succeed and thrive in school and as a part of the community.