Dan believes that in order to keep the 13th Suffolk District a place where families can continue to contribute to the quality of our neighborhoods, there needs to be realistic housing options for all of our families. In order to ensure that our seniors, long-time residents, young families and new residents all have a place to contribute to our great communities, we need to increase the overall housing stock numbers.  Dan will work for responsible development that keeps prices reasonable and keeps the character of our community by:

- Advocating for thoughtful expansion of the housing stock that fits into the existing framework of our neighborhoods to create a true range of pricing options for our families.  

- Connecting first time homebuyers with loans while limiting broker fees (5% of closing costs could go toward a down payment) and closing costs (Mortgage fees and commissions baked into a loan).

- Working with property owners to increase local housing stock that maintains the value of our neighborhoods. The region has one of the highest levels of young residents, but is quickly dropping as families move to other areas with more affordable pricing options.