Public Safety

Dan believes that for our communities to continue to be a great place to raise a family, we need to have a basic sense of security as we live our daily lives.  Dan will work to keep our streets safe by:

Funding for community policing for Boston and Quincy Police Departments to enable neighborhood patrols and reduce violence and property crimes. 

Ensuring that our public safety officials have the latest training, equipment, and technology to help them do their jobs.   

Working to secure funding for dedicated patrols for the State Police in our state parks and beaches. 


Working with state and local public safety and social agencies to have an integrated approach to providing support to our youth before they are lost to addiction and a life of crime. This includes programs in our schools and communities as well a more thoughtful reentry program. The State spends more than $45,000 to house inmates on only $16,000 a year on educating our children.   

Pushing for extended day learning programs and increased athletic opportunities for our young people, especially young girls. This is critical to keeping kids off the street and on the right track.